reLive - the player that lets you relive moments passed or experience moments missed.

reLive Java applet

Here you have the on-site version of reLive in form of a Java Applet. You will need Java v1.5+ enabled in your browser to use it.

To integrate the applet on your own site, use the following code:

For HTML4:
<applet code="relive.applet.Relive" codebase="" archive="Relive.jar, jl1.0.1.jar" width="100%" height="400">
	<param name="BackgroundColor" value="2d382c">
	<param name="GoTo" value="" >
	<param name="LinkTarget" value="_blank">
	<param name="StationId" value="6">

<object classid="java:relive.applet.Relive" type="application/x-java-applet" codebase="" archive="Relive.jar, jl1.0.1.jar" width="100%" height="400">
	<param name="BackgroundColor" value="2d382c"/>
	<param name="GoTo" value="" />
	<param name="LinkTarget" value="_blank"/>
	<param name="StationId" value="6"/>

The parameters to the applet are as follows (left empty they will fall back to default values):
Name Description
BackgroundColor A regular HTML-style colorcode (hexadecimal RRGGBB-value), without the # infront of the value. Example: 2d382c
GoTo A relive:-formatted URI pointing to a stream or track. To generate such an URI, use one of the native reLive clients. Example: relive:track-1-2bJ-38a
LinkTarget Target for links included in the chat logs and other places in the applet. Example: _blank
The StationID of the station you want to have pre-selected when opening the applet. Use the ID from the following table:
ID Name
14Bitar till kaffet
8Bitjam Podcast
18Demoscener DJ sets
19Impulse Project
10Monthly Music Club
7One Man & His Mic
1SceneSat Radio
15Unstable Label